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Charger Nation!                   (Record 5-2)

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Suffolk Chargers is a Semi- Pro Football Team from Suffolk VA, 23434.  This is an Activity for the young men and woman of this community  from the ages 18 and older.

   The plan is being designed and developed in aims of reaching out to those in need of extracurricular activities, as well as those whom desire to become role models as well as mentores for the youth in the community. Giving those who didn't have the oppertunity to play high school or college another chance to step foot on a football field. Not only because it's fun to play but because it's something they love to do. Positive minds makes a Positive World.

Latest News

Suffolk Chargers, City of Suffolk Very first semi-professional football team end their very first season with a winning record (5-3). The Chargers put up tough ELECTRIFYING fights which lands then in the the right path making the Playoffs as a first year team. Chargers made it to the second round of the playoffs which they lost by six points ending their season. Chargers was still named "Tidewater Division Champions". In addition there were eight Chargers selected to play in the ACFA All-Star game.

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